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The Five W Podcast theme song chorus:


Di 5W in reggae an dancehall

is di podcast weh we interview nuff ah di artist

inah reggae an dancehall

some big an small from uptown an back wall

but ah artist so dem must shine after all

wit di who di where di when di why di what


From the song "Black Hero" by Melekel

Guest: Luis Barrett, Entrepreneur, Network Marketing Guru

Updated: Friday September 1, 2023  8:00:00 AM PDT

Blog Post: Episode 1  Season 1

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3... 2... Jingle… The 5W's in Reggae and Dancehall music. Start now.

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Welcome. I am your host, Melekel, and this is the brand new podcast. The five 5W's in reggae and dancehall music. Yeah. Okay. And today we have a very special show. Yeah, man. Very special show. Our guest today is entrepreneur and marketing guru, Luis Barret.

Hey, it's an honor man to be on the show, man. I want to wish you congratulations on the podcast. So, I'm truly honored. Big up, Melekel. Yeah, man. Yeah, man. Thank you for that. Definitely. Okay. So as you already know, we are The 5 W's in reggae and dancehall music. My first question concerns who give our listening audience an idea in your own words.

Who is Louis Barret marketing guru? Well, Louis Barret is humble. I love to help people. I love to inspire people. I love to motivate and to teach them, you know, how to self-motivate. Okay, it goes. So yeah, man. So, our listeners would also like to know Louis. Who motivates or inspires you? First of all, you're number one, you know, I always looked up to, you know, Melekel.

You inspire me and seeing you accomplish a lot of things in your career allows me to push myself to accomplish many things in my entrepreneurial career and as well in life. The number one person who motivates and inspires me to continue to do what I'm doing today. Hey, big up yourself, man. I do not take those words lightly because...

As you already know, we come to rule. We don't come to follow. Yeah. All right. As we move now in The 5W's we have to go to where, and my next question is where did that passion, right? To motivate, to inspire, to help people come from, I can say came from my grandmother. You know, she loved helping people. She had a big heart and, you know, seeing her do that allowed me to want to do the same to others, you know, so I have a big heart, I enjoy helping people, you know, to me, you know, I'd rather see people achieve to the top. So that's, to me, it's very motivating, brings joy to my life. that I know I can help others achieve to their maximum potential, you know, and so they can achieve anything in life really came from my grandmother. Okay. Yeah, man. Big up yourself. Yeah. Big up your grand mama too. You know, in the mothers and grandmothers carry a strong vibe in a male child. You know, and always have sort of that first teacher mentality and first teacher vibe, you know, to kind of motivate and inspire. So awesome to hear, man. That is awesome to hear. So still sticking to the wherein The 5W's. Where were you born? Where are your roots from? Well, I'm originally from Panama City, Panama, you know, that's where I was born. Then, um, I moved from there were three years old here to United States and you know, I've been here ever since. All right. Yeah. Well, big up all Panamanians, you know, big up yourself every time, you know?

Okay. As we move on within the spectrum of the wind in the five W's, when did your entrepreneurial journey begin? First before when I should say, um, there was a family friend, and I would talk about it to

my grandmother. I was in, you know, junior high and I asked this person, what does he, you know, do for his occupation?

And my grandmother told me, well, he's a businessman, a businessman. You mean he's a boss? Yeah. He runs his own business. So ever since then, that's what I wanted to do. I wanted to be my own boss. So, I knew since junior high that was my goal to be my own boss. Okay. Yeah, man. Big up. Big up. So within the same context, when did you realize that it was?

the thing for you to do that. This was your mission. Well, I can say that when I did my first in home presentation on, you know, invited a few guests. My mentor was there. We showed the presentation and when I found out how much I made, I was just like, okay, I can do this. I can do this. You know, it's easy to do, but at the same time, it's not easy to do.

So that's when I knew I could do this. And not just that, I can help and show it. others to do the same. That's when I knew that, hey, this is for me, you know, because it was fun. I enjoyed it. I didn't feel pressure. I feel, you know, Jordan. Okay. Yeah, man, big up. And I'm glad you made mention of that aspect in your answer because it segues right into the next segment of the show.

The reason why you are here is because you are bringing an opportunity, right? And as I know, and every other reggae and dance artist knows, we need funding to move our career forward. What you are presenting is within this. Spectrum of what is a global marketplace, right? Which means that anyone from anywhere around the world can take advantage of this opportunity.

We will proceed with playing the audio for a video, and this will explain further to our listeners the opportunity that you have brought us today to present to our listeners. Here we go. Hi, this is Ben Glinski, founder, and CEO of Live Good. Over the past 20 years, we've launched and run some of the most successful products and companies in the entire network marketing industry.

We've helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world generate extra income from home, paid out close to a billion dollars in commissions, and have been featured all over the internet and in magazines, newspapers, even on TV. People often ask, how have our companies been so successful while thousands of others have failed?

The answer is simple timing, recognizing trends in the network marketing industry, trends in society, trends in the economy with inflation higher than ever gas prices up, causing utility bills to rise, mortgage and rent payments going up, travel getting more expensive. People are looking for ways they can save money without compromising quality.

Because of that, the network marketing industry is at a major crossroads. Products have become more and more overpriced just so companies can pay out big commissions and compensation plans. But with buying habits, trending away from higher priced products in search of better value, that model just doesn't align with where the industry is going.

In fact, if you look at some of the biggest companies in the network marketing industry, like Herbalife, USANA, and Nu Skin, their revenues are down by as much as 20%. From just a year ago. Well, companies like Walmart and Costco's revenues are up 9% and 12%. In the words of our director of network marketing, Nader Kazan, the days of selling overpriced products.

So a few people at the top of a compensation plan can get rich are over. That's why we created live good. Teaming up with amazing health and wellness experts, Ryan, and Lisa Goodkin, we've created a line of the highest quality nutritional supplements on the planet that people need. And we make them available for as much as 75% less than what other companies are charging for lower quality products.

Take our organic super reds, for example. Probably the best cardiovascular health product ever created. Higher quality with more antioxidant packed ingredients than even best-selling non-organic super beets and for less than half the price. How about CBD oil? Other companies are selling 500 mg CBD oil for as much as 80.

Ours is the highest quality CBD available anywhere. And with 750 milligrams of CBD, it's 50% stronger for just 18. Not only that, but every one of our highest quality products comes with a full 90 day empty bottle money back guarantee. If you absolutely don’t love any of the Live Good products that you order, simply send back the empty bottle and we'll give you a full refund.

No questions asked. So what does all this mean for you? On top of having products that virtually sell themselves in a company that is perfectly aligned with shifting buying habits in the marketplace. We give you all the tools, systems, websites, videos, training, and everything you need to help you earn extra income easier and faster than any other company in the industry.

In fact, this video that you're watching right now is part of the industry's most powerful power line driven marketing system that allows you to reserve a free temporary position in our company before you must commit anything to getting started. What that means is when you enter your name and email on this page, we will immediately reserve you a position and show you everyone who does the same a􀅌er you by placing them under you in the power line.

Now, each Thursday night is the cutoff day to lock in your position or miss out. Everyone who locks in their position by becoming a member of Live Good for just 9. 95 a month plus a one-tme 40 affiliate sign-up fee Moves to the top of the power line above everyone who waits, those people are then placed in our fast filling two by 14 forced matrix before all the people below them in the power line.

So each person is positioned in the matrix in the highest available position following their enroller. By being a member of Live Good, you're going to save up to 75%. Off the highest quality nutritional supplements on the planet to keep you and your family healthy. And if you happen to get some people placed under you in the matrix and you make a few extra 100 a month or a few extra 1, 000 a month on top of that, it is even better.

And the way our compensation plan works, you have the potential to earn over 2, 000 a month in the matrix without ever having to enroll a single person. And if you do choose to share Live Good products and opportunities with others, you can earn significantly more. In fact, with our matching bonuses, just by enrolling one person, you double your earning potential.

With millions of people joining Live Good in the next 24 months, the only place they can go in the matrix is under the ones who are already in there. So the sooner you lock in your position, the higher you'll be placed in the matrix. So fill out the form on the right and it won't take long for you to see why people are calling Live Good the most exciting company in the industry.

We'll see you at the top. Twin of Twin in the kitchen.


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This is crazy important. In the mix, it's Melekel. Let's go!

Yeah man, yeah man. Yeah, so, very interesting information. Lot of insight. Yeah man, big up. Once again, we are here with Lewis Barret. Okay. He is here to present an opportunity to our listeners as it pertains to reggae and dance artists, being able to fund their career in a way that will allow them to cover a global.

marketplace, right? So, you know, one year, nothing else, but no reggae and no dance. All artists are getting in no problem for no scamming or no kind of foolishness, right? No scamming, right? We have legal work that we can do to fund our career. And Lewis is here today with one of those opportunities, right? Yeah, man.

So as we continue Lewis, now, why did you decide to do the podcast today? Well, the reason I decided to do the podcast today, because like you mentioned, it's very hard for, you know, regular artists out there to get the funds to further their career. And there's many, many talents, you know, regular artists out there.

So with this opportunity that I'm presenting. They have the chance to not just build an income, but at the same time, the income they're building will allow them to do more work with their career in music. So I think this is the best opportunity for them. Not even that. Like I mentioned, we're a global opportunity.

This opportunity can also bring generational wealth to your family as well. If I can help any regular artists out there with more music, you know, for the people to enjoy, to dance, it would be a blessing. Yeah, man, that is it. Okay. So in that same spirit and vibe, why do you think it is important for reggae and dance art artists to be at the top, right?

Not just hip hop artists, not just popular music artists. or reggaeton artists, but reggae and dance artists, why is it important for us to be at the top? It's important for reggae artists and dance artists to be at the top because I mean, reggae has been around for many, many years. So back from Bob Marley, Yellow Mind, you know, Ninja Mind, Super Cat, all the greats.

Bob Marley, he got the blueprint for other reggae artists to be on the top. People need to see them. They deserve the same respect as any other artists out there, you know, because I love reggae music. I love dancing to it. You know, it's like my meditation, you know, I relax while I listen to it, you know, like, you know, a way it feels, you know, the music flows to my body.

So it should be more recognition for reggae artists out there. Reggae artists need to be at the top. They deserve it as well. Big up yourself in every aspect. Yeah. So, as we descend or land on what in The 5W's of reggae and dancehall music, within the context of that, my question to you, Louis, is, what is your ultimate goal, right?

Within the spectrum of marketing, reggae and dancehall music and the opportunity, right, that you bring today to the podcast as it pertains to live good. Help as many reggae artists out there. I would like to be part of their career. You know, uh, promote them, motivate them, you know, be there for them, show

them the way, you know, this opportunity I presented to them can also further their career because I know music is their passion, but I know, I know a lot of regular artists have many passions and this opportunity can allow them to open up many doors, but not just for them, for the family and everybody else around them.

Yeah, man. Okay, it goes. So my last question for you as it pertains to the five W's Lewis is what is your current favorite song? Now, Spotify says that there are about 90 million songs on their platform. I don't have the exact numbers. But I would give myself the freedom to say that I would say at least between 10 to 15% of probably reggae and dancehall songs, right?

What is your favorite reggae or dancehall song right now? Well, my favorite reggae song is... The black hero from Melancholia is a wicked, it's a wicked, uh, tell you man, that is beautiful Melancholia. That song is beautiful, much respect, big up to yourself, everybody, you got to listen to the black hero. Yeah. Hey, give thanks. You know, give thanks. Uh, it was a firm meditation that came through Marcos Gavi. It was an honor for his hundred and 36th birthday, which, uh, was on August 17th. We felt the vibe and uh, and then we went into the studio and, uh, and we laid it down. I do want to take the time right now, uh, to thank you, Louis for.

Uh, coming on the podcast, this is our first show, so we want to thank you again for making it a smooth first show, for making it a great first show. It was very informative. It is my earnest opinion that we have brought our listeners a fair opportunity. that they can investigate on their own time and make their own personal assessment as to whether they want to move forward.

Having said that, do you have, Luis, any advice, or final words for our listeners? Yes, but the only advice I have is to stay focused, work hard so you can work smart, you know, read a lot of personal development, make sure you surround yourself with positive people like yourself. You know, those individuals, you guys share the same vision. Those individuals are going to push each other to accomplish their vision. The paycheck comes before the attitude. I know people want the money now, but you can't get the money now if the money isn’t right. Make sure your attitude's right. Be smart about making the right decisions. And, you know, just stay focused and make sure, you know, whatever goals you want to accomplish, you start with one goal at a time. And don't be afraid to fail. We've been programmed to, you know, to be afraid of failing ever since we started going to school. You know, when you get an F, that's a bad grade, but in life, failure is good. Why? Because you learn from it. Congratulation􀆟ons again. I'm honored. Can't wait to see this podcast, you know, explode. So I'm very excited for you. Yes, yes, yes. Big up yourself, Louis. Big up yourself. Okay, go ahead and let our listeners know how they can take advantage of this opportunity. Meaning where on the internet can they go for more information on or to sign up to take advantage? Okay, awesome. Yes. So they can go to let's earn from home. That's L E T S E A R N F R O M. H. O. M. E. Let's earn from home dot com and that's where you can get all the information on you can enroll and you know, get started as soon as possible. So let's earn from home dot com. Yeah, man, big up. That is it. We now know Lewis Barret, marketing gurus, 5W's in reggae and dancehall music.

Thank you.


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Hosted by: International Reggae and Dancehall Superstar Melekel

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Blog Post: Episode 2 Season 1

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3... 2... Jingle… The 5W's in Reggae and Dancehall music. Start now.

Theme Song…


Welcome. I am your host, Melekel, and this is the five W's in reggae and dancehall music. Yeah. Okay. And in today's episode, I come to you with my latest project, War Specialist. Yeah, man. So today I will play both the part of your host and guests. You see me. Yeah, man. Okay. Well, as we enter, yeah, man. Now, who is Melekel?

Well, in simple terms, Melekel is an international reggae and dancehall superstar. Yeah? Yeah, man. In addition, I am also a producer. I am also a certified audio engineer. Yeah? Yeah, man. In addition to a father and a husband. You see me? Yeah, man. A gosso. Now, as it pertains to who motivates me, right? Yeah, man. My motivation comes from the almighty. You see me? Yeah, man. Just so my thing said, it's just the almighty thing me a deal with. Okay. Yeah, man. Now, well, medical was born in Panama, you know? Yeah, man. Yeah, man. Medical was born in Panama city, Panama scene. Yeah, I am a descendant of, yeah, Jamaicans who migrated in the early 20th century. Yeah, my great grandfather, George Hutchinson, and him wife, Christiana Barrett. Yeah, them left Jamaica in the early 1900s and moved to Panama during the building of the Panama Canal. Yeah, yeah man, see my great grandfather, which is my mother father father, okay? Yeah man, him was a mason. Yeah, man, it was amazing.

So you don't know the things that are ready. Where do I record my music? I have my own studio. Yeah. So all my work is produced and recorded. Yeah. Within the confines of my inspiration. Yeah. Within the confines of my abilities. Yeah, in my own studio. Yeah, money goes. Okay, as we keep moving forward, as it pertains to the when in the five W's, when did my musical journey begin?

Yeah, man, my musical journey began a very long time ago, you know, yeah, man, from me. Yeah, they are many seen. Yeah, yeah, man, a long time. My thing start a long time ago, just like anything else, it first begins as a passion, an inspiration, but then with the progress of time, it turned into a mission. Zin, ya man, and...

You know, different opportunities present themselves. Big up yourself, including the Godfather Junior Reed, with whom we toured. Yeah, man, you don't know the things said. Well, my most creative time is when I focus on a particular theme or subject. Yeah, and then just allow the, the, the energy to just flow. You know, and the things just come together. Yeah, man. It's a, it's a ability. You know, it's a talent. Yeah. Now, the name of this song is war specialist, which will be available on the 23rd of the month. Yeah. So we will play this song and then we will come forward and chat about it. Seems like all you know is war.

And you send for the new XLR. Money and oil from Qatar. Tank and drone from Myanmar. You have a war protagonist. War antagonist. War strategist and a war economist. Everything but war is a business. That simple mean you have a war strategy. Specialist you have our protagonist War antagonist War strategist And our economist Everything bout war specialist You have the outcome analyst The existentialist Anything or anything Nuclear pan your list From the left from the right Both nationalist Triconomical sanctions Nuff get blacklist What is? Full sky high like aeroplane Natural gas gun up all kerosene That no natural mad You have our protagonists, war antagonists, war strategists, and our war economies. Everything but war is a business. That simple mean you have a war specialist. You have our protagonists, war antagonists, war strategists, and our war economies. Everything but war is a business. That simple mean you have a war specialist Ready fi bury you dead Eager war starts No rush to end Stretch it out longer The war chest spend More money then borrow More money you learn and fi the next few years That is the trend Can them Buy them From when That is the trend Some spend and that while others live and earth, you have a war protagonist, warrant, war strategist, and our everything.  war is a business that you have a war specialist. You have a war protagonist, war strategist, and our war, everything. Bo is our business.

Okay? Seems like all you know is. It's a lot of money and from Qatar. I'm from Myanmar. War strategies and our economy. Everything is a business. You have a war. You have a war.

War strategies a war. Specialist. You have the list, the existentialist, anything. Anything nuclear from the right, but nationalist, economical sanctions. Get black. List What? Full sky? High. Like airplane. Natural Gasca. Kerosene that. No natural mud. Indian, prolific green. Strategies and our economies, everything bot our is our business. That's, you have our word specialist. You have our protagonist, Weta, war strategist, and our economies. Everything. Bot is our business. That's simply you have our work. You ready to bury your dead? No rush to end. More money than borrow. The trend. Some spend and then while others live and earn. Oh gosh man. Oh gosh man. This is crazy important. In, in, in the mix. It's Melekel. Let's go! The 5 W's in Reggae and Dancehall music.

That was War Specialist by Melekel. Seen available the 23rd of this month. Now, the premise of this song is very basic and simple. Seen? Yeah, man, in every conflict, there are main characters, just like in a TV production, just like in a movie production. Yeah. Yeah, man. So may I make you know, say you have a protagonist, you have an antagonist, you have an economist, then I must, you also have a war specialist.

Yeah. Yeah, man. So this song is direct. Yeah. May not beat around the bush. May I make you know straight, right? Yeah. Who involved in any sort of armed conflict, major or minor? Yeah, man. Be that local or abroad, right? It is a frequency that we have decided to bring forth in this time. You see me? Which is something that the world needs.

It is something the world wants. Yeah, we give thanks for space and time. So, as we continue with the five W's, we have to take the time and give glory to the Father, to the Son, and to the Holy One of Creation. Yeah, as Jah was in the beginning is now and forever shall be, Jah will without end. So let us hear our King of Kings and Lord of Lords, conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah, elect of God and Light of this world, His own Divine Majesty, Emperor Eilis Selassie I. Yeah, man. King Alpha and Queen Omega. Yeah, Earth's rightful ruler. Yeah, man. First without last. Yeah, beginning without end. So, as we enter now, what is my goal in the music business? Well, me nah really check for my movements in that sort of way. You know, meaning to say, I don't really gauge my progress, my success, based on, you know, I am here. I am a balance. Yeah. I am the frequency of balance. Yeah. So that is what I bring to the business. It is no sort of goal. It have no sort of timetable or any sort of, you know what I mean? Right? Because I could not exist, right? Melekel exists. I am here. Yeah, man. So that is the only thing that can be conceived, right?

So the possibility of non existence is non existence, right? Because I exist. Right. So within the context of that overstanding, you know, say me, I bring an energy, me, I bring a frequency. Yeah. And it can be perceived right. By some as a balance. Yeah, man. So right now, my favorite song is war specialist. Yeah. Simply because it can come across as a current event just because of the state of world affairs. Right. And I mean, I just talk about what I go and done in a Europe, right? This song can be applied to a major conflict as well as any minor conflict, right? Because these are characters, just like in any kind of production, you have main characters.

You have supporting characters, right? Yeah, man. So all me I do is just make, you know, say, yo. This is how the thing go, right? If you really check it, yeah man, you will see it for yourself. Yeah man, well, that is it. Yeah, we now know my five W's in reggae and dancehall music. Yeah, now as a final word, right? I would like to say to all our listeners, thank you. Thank you for your time, for it is surely invaluable. In this particular space, it is important to communicate that you have to remember yourself, right? You have to remember who you are, yeah? And once you do so, you have to move accordingly. There's a lot of good information in the world, and there's a lot of bad information.  So, we have to use our discernment, which is our ability to be able to take what is... It's beneficial to us and move forward with it and discard or do away with the bad information that does not serve our purpose. or does not do us any well. You see me? Yeah, man. And that message goes out to all generations whether you're young or you're old. Remember who you are. Yeah, man. And practice good discernment, right? At Information EH. Well, we don't know at the end of the day, discernment is important. Okay? Yeah, man. Just want to remind the fans that you can link up with Melekel on all social media platforms. You know what I'm saying? Yeah, man.@MelekelMusic.

On Instagram and TikTok. Yeah, man. You can find me data. You know me Facebook as well. Okay. Yeah, man. It's yourself in every aspect. Okay.



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Theme Song

Hosted by: International Reggae and Dancehall Superstar Melekel

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Blog Post: Episode 3 Season 1

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2...


We got a big broadcast to do here! You ready? The 5 W's in Reggae and Dancehall Music. Start now.


The 5 W Reggae and Dancehall Is the podcast Nuff and the artists in a reggae and dancehall Some big and small, from uptown and back wall But a artist, so they must shine after all With the hoodie where they went to boil the water Kiss me Rast! Chop on boklat Me like it with a brand new pot Kiosk and over kiosk Also the app dem name paket kiosk Ready, set, go!


Chat, we a chat Pout the who, where, when, why and reach the top Bolly for bookings and bank account fat Dem say crab inna barrel Me no inna that A me say artist fi run di place hot 100 watts, 2 million megawatts The 5W in reggae and dancehall It's the podcast nuffa the artists Inna reggae and dancehall Some big and small, from uptown and back wall But a artist, so they must shine after all With the hoodie ready when the water Oi!


Yeah, yes my Dankwale Mr. Lover, shut it! Wassup y'all, this is Nicki Minaj Are we ready now? This is Rihanna. Let's get up close and intimate. Welcome. I am your host, Melekel, and this is the 5 W's in Reggae and Dancehall Music. Yeah? Okay. In this episode, we will explore the relationship between an essay, which was written and later published as a press release, and my upcoming next project, Mighty Trinity, my next single.


Which will be released on October 23rd as of the day of the release of this episode three of season one, the document can be found by visiting my website at melekale. com. Yeah. And search under the media articles section. The document will also be linked from our website here at the show. The five W's in reggae and dance all music dot com.


Now, as we continue, bear with me a moment. The document is titled No one can die to see God a statement in fact or fiction. Mighty Trinity is a veneration of the primordial maternal force embedded throughout every aspect of creation. It addresses an age old question. It's often enigmatic and dreadful.


From time immemorial cultures around the world have dedicated entire periods of their social and philosophical development to answering daunting questions arising from the depths of human consciousness. The quest to understand the reality we live in and its associated phenomena go beyond the great triumvirate.


of ancient Greek philosophers. Today, we are faced with a similar formidable task undertaken by none other than one of Reggae's most mystifying and dye in the wool voices. A popular and accomplished recording artist, in his own right, presents a new single which explores the inherent aspects of the creator.


Mighty Trinity is soft, yet disquieting, air raising, and spellbinding. A roadmap guiding the listener to experience the supernatural in ways likened to Moses and the burning bush. The song delves into a realm where available quantitative data pinpoints the omnipresence of a supreme being, giving air to multiple parts of its creation.


evocative and soul stirring. It probes the limits of human understanding, but simplifies the process of existential awareness. It is a powerful and expressive step in the advancement, maturation and refinement of the earth born mortal soul. This is crazy important in, in, in the mix. It's Malacal.


Yeah, man. Yeah, man. As we continue with our standard structure, the who, the where, the when, the why, and the what. Who wrote the article? It has come to my attention that an intern initially wrote the document as an essay, which was later then used as an article. In relation to my upcoming project, Mighty Trinity, as it concerns the where in the five W's.


Now, the document was first published out of Brooklyn, New York, on October the 7th, 2023. Concerning when, we give thanks. Yeah, man. At this particular moment, I will move forward with playing this song, Mighty Trinity. Glory be to our father, and to the son, and to the holy one of creation. As Jawas in the beginning is now and ever shall be.


Jah world without end. So hail our king of kings, lord of lords, and conquering lion of the tribe of Judah. Elect of God and light of this world. His own divine majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie. Forsaken king of creation. King Alphan Pilomiga. Beginning without end. No one could dare to subjugate. Okay? Glory be to our Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy One of Creation.


As Yahweh was in the beginning, is now, and ever shall be. Jah world without end. So hail our King of Kings, Lord of Lords, and Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah. Elect of God, and Light of this World. His own Divine Majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie. First Ancient King of Creation. King Alpha and Queen Omega.


Beginning without end, no one could dare to sugar, okay? Mighty, mighty power of the trinity, you've always been here, for me. Mighty, mighty power of the trinity, you've always been here, for me. And you'll never go away. Never fade away. And you'll never stow away. Present and omnipotent, hey! Mighty, mighty power of the trinity, you've always been here for me.


Mighty, mighty power of the trinity, you've always been here for me. And you'll never go away. Never fade away. And you'll never stow away.


Always ever present and omnipotent Prophet, Priest and King Mother, Father and Children Sun, Moon and Stars Virgin, Sister and Hydran Venus, Earth and Mars Fire, Air and Water Mind, Body and Soul Mankind is out of control Proton, Neutron, Electron Then you have Leaf, Branch and Root The Good, the Bad and the Indifferent Then you have Start, Stop and Mute Wisdom, Knowledge and Overstanding Life has Truth and Truth One, two, three, me salute Mighty, mighty Po'ah of the Trinity You've always been here for me Mighty, mighty Po'ah of the Trinity You've always been here for me And you'll never go away Never fade away And you'll never stow away Always ever present and omnipotent, hey!


Mighty, mighty power of the Trinity, You've always been here for me. Mighty, mighty power of the Trinity, You've always been here for me. And you'll never go away. never fade away, And you never slow away, never slow away, Always ever present and omnipotent. Dem create an illusion, holographic projected gods.


Dem binary system, computerized in them thoughts. Dem go against nature, disobeying universal law. Dem create a strong man, accept the people dem come from straw. Holy man you like King Selassie, John Marcos, Said. With a lion palm, leave runes and rings from Zion eye. The power of the trinity divine. So nobody miss wonders and signs.


Mighty, mighty power of the trinity, you've always been here. for me. For me. Mighty, mighty Boa of the Trinity, you've always been here for me. And you'll never go away. Never go away. Never fade away. Never fade away. And you never stow away. Never stow away. Always have a present and omnipotent, hey! Mighty, mighty Boa of the Trinity, You've always been here for me.


Mighty, mighty Boa of the Trinity, You've always been here for me. And you never


stow away.




glory be to our father and to the son and to the holy one of creation as jaas in the beginning is now one ever shall be Ja without end. So here, king of kings of elect God light that this word. His own divine majesty, Emperor Haile Selassie. First ancient king of creation. King Alvin, Queen Amiga.


Beginning with no end. First with no last. Okay? No one could dead to sing God.


You ready? The 5 W's in Reggae and Dancehall music.


Yeah, that was Mighty Trinity. By Melekel. Yours truly. As we continue within the context of the Y, it is important for me to say this. Melekel study everything. Yeah. Yeah, man, we study everything, everything we study. So simply what we have done is we have looked at the wassup. We were always taught to look at nature in order to understand ourselves.


In doing so, we realize from a biological standpoint. That we have proton neutron electrons right? Yeah, man. Within a tree, we see the leaf, we see the branch, we see the root, right? When we look at the atmosphere, we see the fire, we see the air, we see the water. Yeah. When we go beyond the firmament within the celestial bodies, we see the sun, we see the moon, we see the stars.


Yeah, yeah, man. So when we look at the entire aspect of creation, Then we even go a little further, right? Remember, no, you know, the family as being the basic structure of society. You don't know already. We have the matter. Yeah, the organ energy that originally sweep over earth, right? Then you have the father and you have the child as the basic structure within society.


So the Trinity is something that obviously we have to pay attention to. Yeah, money goes. Okay. So as we continue. Within the context of the what, we have experienced that the process of complexity is totally eliminated from the idea because even a kindergartner or a first grader can comprehend the relationship between the trinity of a sun, of a moon and a star, or even what we would consider someone or something to be good, bad, or indifferent.


Right? Yeah, man. So it is important to keep in mind that if you can conceptualize within your thinking the image of the burning bush, then you must be able to conceptualize within your thinking the fact that, you know, the creator exists within these aforementioned trinities. We have to think outside the box.


So when you listen to the sun, you will notice that we have covered a wide spectrum Of let's say likely possibilities in which the creator of all things manifesting through or giving life such through, right? In essence, but anyway, X, Y and Z, there is quantitative data that can show that there is an omnipresence, right?


That is It's permeating the entire creation, yeah, based on studies that have been done to prove that there is nothing random about the space, time and reality that we live in. So it becomes important to open our mind to a broader understanding, right, as to what it is really a guan, etc, etc. As this song was created to simplify the process.


awareness within this existence. Then, yeah, man, me love that. That is a great quote. Yeah, man, that quote alone can go far. A key, right, to open that door. Yeah, right, because I saw it go. Yeah, yeah, man, big up, real talk that. Yeah, man, love that, love that. But that's the concept, right? So, the, the awareness that we are able to develop in this existence Yeah, we'll simply contribute to our advancement, to our maturity and our refinement right within the process of what is our life.


Well, that is it. We now know the five W's in reggae and dancehall music. Indeed, no one can dare to see God. Until next time, big up on the set, okay? Heh, melekel seso.


You ready? The 5 W's in reggae and dancehall music.


O the five Reggae and Dance hall is the podcast where we interview notify the artist in the reggae and dance hall, some big and smile artists. So more shine after all. With the hood they wear, they when the they water.


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100 watts, 2 million megawatts. The 5W in reggae and dancehall. It's the backyards where we interview nuffa the artists Inna reggae and dancehall. Some big and small, from uptown and backwall. But a artist, so the most shine after all. With the hoodie ready, when do I the water? Oi!

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